Editor enhancement

Sitecore Author Toolbox 6.0 is out!

So this will be a short short post, and it´s a shout out to Ugo over at He has put a lot of effort in perfecting this last version 6 of the Sitecore Toolbox Chrome-plugin.

A lot of new UI tweaks and support for multi-lang and multi-sites, updated graphics and on top of that a new media library redesign. There is also support for the new Sitecore 10.1 update.

Features in SAT 6

  1. Live Urls: Multi-sites configuration
  2. Live Urls: Multi-languages configuration
  3. Media Library: New card view (Content Hub inspired)
  4. Media Library: Lightbox with actions
  5. Media Library: Instant search in folders
  6. Experience Editor: Search a rendering
  7. Experience Editor: default text highlighter
  8. Template builder: query suggestions (SXA)
  9. Quick Info: enhanced with more info
  10. Options: Save your configured sites (import/export .json)

UX/UI enhancement SAT 6

  1. Experimental UI: New Sitecore icons
  2. Experimental UI: New Experience Editor toolbar
  3. Experimental UI: Dark mode updated (dark night palette)
  4. Launchpad: New Sitecore 10.1 extension icon

Read more of all new awesome features i Sitecore Toolbox 6 here