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Respect the Security role and enlighten yourself

If we want to utilize Sitecore to it´s fullest we need to look at how Sitecore goes about delivering us the editor experience and see it as layers of possibilities.

When you first experience Sitecore from an editors perspective it will almost certainly feel overwhelming. Sitecore gives us so many opportunities of organizing, optimizing and be productive that even I after 7+ years working with Sitecore find new and meaningful ways of doing tasks differently.

Acknowledge the difference

When we work with any system long enough we get more and more confidence in tweaking and going about our tasks. But, the key thing to remember that we all start as editors with little to no experience of Sitecore.

As standard Sitecore have a fully working and logical user role management system where different types of Editors are defined. The only problem is that you are probably not able to see or know what the differences are. Here is where the understanding of what different roles can enable you as an editor to do is so important. The wrong role might be limiting certain steps in your daily routine, or you are not aware of specific features that could actually help you if you had another security role.

Sitecore 10 Role Manager

Us, the editors!

When you start working as a Sitecore novice, I would suggest that you take look at many of the available resources around the web. There are many great posts and talented people that will guide you in the right direction. What they probably will tell you is that there are certain standard ways of working dependent on your role/ type of editor privileges.

Many times Sitecore will behave and expect as you and me have a lot of previous experience of how the system works, but in many cases we are doing things for the first time or maybe as we always have done it, because this is the way we have learnt that the system works.

This is why it is so important to know and understand what type of editor role you have, and see if there are parts of the system that could enable you to work more effectively if you are elvated to another Editor role.

A certain workflow, feature or function might give you another perspective of how you can utilize Sitecore better.

If I can give you ONE advice, it is that you try to do things a bit different next time. Sitecore is a complex and very advanced system and there are almost guaranteed another way of doing what you are trying to achieve. Only the smallest changes might open up new possibilities! That might actually start with you understanding the different Editor-roles and what they will enable you to do

Read more about Sitecore Security roles here:

Important: Always make sure that you comply with any business or regulatory requirements before changing any routines or roles. Align your request with the appropriate resources before engaging.

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